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Nothing is like a traditional performance: the laser is the actor, lenses and mirrors are the scenery and the planetarium is the stage. Light merges with sound to form a joint artistic form. It’s impossible to speak about what Lux Aeterna is like. I would be much better you’ve got to experience it.

   Interference Live Laser Shows on huge planetarium domes performed by Lux Aeterna Laser Artists. Full Dome Planetarium laser-interference shows for diameters from 6 m up to 37 m.


Gravitation: Zero. Laser & Sound Cosmic Journey

Exhilaration of the Milky Ways. Light & Music Spectacular

Night Revelation. Light & Sound Dramatics

Laser-Romantic. Laser & Music Love Drama

One-Act Surge Off. Immersing Meditation

Flights to Ecstasy. Laser & Music & Aroma Theatrical

Drifting through. Full relaxation in a City

Night of the Longest Kiss. Laser Star Magic

For the attention of planetariums and modern science centers, various original trends from laser artists, light artists and designers of multi-channel spatial sound. Here are some of them:

  • laser cosmic theatre
  • light-music theatre
  • color-music theatre
  • relaxation theatre
  • meditative theatre
  • therapeutic theatre
  • 360º sound theatre
  • aroma theatre
  • +18 for-those-in-love theatre
  • break station theatre

Planetarium FullDome Lives

Have you ever been to our performances?
If yes, you know how deeply relaxing, deeply sensual, deeply cosmic our art of light and sound is.

Lux Aeterna Theater was founded in 1982. The dome of planetarium acts as a stage of the theater. Its creed lies in the following: opening up a new world of feelings. These feelings can hardly, if at all, be evoked by any other means of arts known today. By the way, its performances demonstrate beneficial effects as well as they enable visitors to plunge into special color and sound surroundings or roll over color and sound waves.

Opening up a new world of feelings. A series of fantastic laser shows: stationary and mobile planetariums, rear-screens, panorama screens, multiplex cinema screen, opera backdrops in combination with multi-channel sound.

An important property of Lux Aeterna Laser theater shows is the fact that their viewing is accessible to everyone. There is no need to know any language for viewing.

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